Obsolete Mail Domain Reporter 
Thursday, 21 February 2013, 15:14 - Mail stuff


The abbreviation "OMDR" stands for "obsolete mail domain reporter" and is a small shell script intended to find obsolete MX records to keep your mailserver clean and sane

As a source of currently configured domain can be either
* a textfile, every hosted domain on a seperate line
* a directory tree with the domains


Get the script here


1. Copy the shell script to your mail server

2. Open the script within an text editor. There are several configuration options at the beginning of the script to adapt the script to your environment. See comment within the script itself!

3. After running the script, you end up with a file that contains all domains that are claimed not to be active any more on that particular mail host


This script was written by Mike Rhyner for Adfinis Sygroup AG.


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